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1913 Chalmers 18-Six Touring Car

Remarkable cars picture encyclopedia - 1913 Chalmers 18-Six Touring Car

1913 Chalmers 18-Six Touring Car
1913 Chalmers 18-Six Touring Car


The Chalmers-Detroit was successor to the Thomas-Detroit which began production in 1906 and would become one of the most popular American cars between 1912 and 1919. They offered a four-cylinder car and in 1913 introduced the six-cylinder model that developed 54 horsepower.

The 1913 Chalmers was a real transition model. The car was equipped with a compressed air starter, but had an electric gererator for electric headlamps and combination oil and electric side and tail lamps. The 1913 Chalmers was the end to an automotive ere and sold for $2,400 new.

The following year, the 1914 Chalmers followed the rest of the industry and offered an efficient electric starter, moved the drive from right to left hand and moved the shifting mechanism to the center from the left.

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