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1960 Abarth 850 Allemano Coupe

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1960 Abarth 750 GTZ Zagato
1960 Abarth 850 Allemano Coupe


  • Company: Abarth
  • Location: Turin, Italy
  • Years: 1950 - 1971

Founded by former racing motorcyclist Carlo Abarth in Turin this factory concentrated on sports and racing cars. It also produced a wide range of tuning equipment for various Fiat models from the 500cc upwards. There were also Abarth sports-racing cars with Abarth engines of 1098cc, 1496cc, and 1996cc, as well as very fast Fiat-Abarths of 598 to 2323cc. In 1964, Abarth built a 695cc, 66hp model with a 982cc "Bialbero" dohc model with 114hp. There were numerous prototypes, which included a dohc V-12 5980cc racer, and a 2986cc V-8 with dohc and 310hp. Abarth also worked with Simca and created some fast Simca-Abarth cars. In 1971 Carlo Abarth sold his company to Fiat.

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