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1964 Aston Martin DB6 Coupe
1964 Aston Martin DB6 Coupe

Aston Martin DB6 Photo Gallery

Aston Martin DB6 Photo Gallery
Aston Martin DB6 Photo Gallery

Aston Martin DB6

Our Aston Martin DB6 photos were taken at automobile museums, car shows and major collector car auctions throughout the USA.

If James Bond had ever hung up his Walther PPK and settled down with a wife and kids, the DB6 with its identifying uplifted Kamm tail would have been the Aston Martin for 007. With four proper seats, the option of an automatic transmission and power steering, the DB6 was becoming almost practical.

In October, 1965 the DB6 debuted.

Primary changes from the DB5 included a lengthened wheelbase to allow for more rear seat room, the fastback was truncated to create a more squared-off rear profile with a spoiler, and the rear portion of the roofline was heightened. The results were improved aerodynamics and a true four-seater automobile.

Options available included power steering, air-conditioning, automatic transmission, and a limited-slip differential. Buyers desiring more power could order the 325-bhp Vantage engine. This was a car that James Bond would like, even if he was married and had two children to take to soccer practice.

A convertible and saloon style were offered. However, starting with the DB6, Aston Martin named their convertible models "Volante", a tradition that continues today. The first 37 Volante cars were built on the "short chassis" bodies.

A small number of "Shooting Brake" cars were built by British coachbuilder Harold Radford.

In 1969 the DB6 Mk II was introduced. Changes included flared wheel arches and power steering was now standard. Some of the last cars were equipped with AE fuel-injection.

The DB6 was in production from 1965 through 1970. A total of 1567 cars were built.

Of the classic Aston Martin DB series, which started with the DB4 in 1958, the DB6 was also the fastest, but in the eyes of some enthusiasts is a little softer and less sporting than its forbears.

The DB6 may ooze pure-bred Bulldog Britishness, but the styling is an evolution of the Touring of Milan designed DB4. Prince Charles owns a DB6 Volante. Six DB6 Estates were built by coachbuiled Harold Radford.

DB6 Specifications:

Production Dates: 1965 to 1971
Total Production: 1753
Price in 1967: $7,370 (US)
Engine: 3995cc, Straight-six, dual overhead cam
Power: 282bhp (325bhp Vantage)
Transmissions: ZF five-speed manual or Borg-Warner automatic
Brakes: Four-wheel discs
0-60 mph: 6.1 to 6.7 seconds
0-100 mph: 15 seconds
Top Speed: 148 mph

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