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2012 Audi R8 Spyder
2012 Audi R8 Spyder

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Audi AG
D-85057 Ingolstadt, Germany
Phone: + 49841/89-0
Fax: + 49841/8932524
Website: www.Audi.con

In July, 1909, August Horch founded the August Horch Automobilwerke GmbH company in Germany. A few months later, April, 1910, the company name was changed to Audi Automobilwerke GmbH. Cars were built under the names of Audi, DKW, and Wanderer until 1942.

After World War II, Horch founded the Auto Union AG concern with produced Auto Union (1954-1968) and DKW 1946-1966) automobiles.

In 1958 the company was taken over by Daimler-Benz, which inturn resold it gradually, from 1964 to 1966, to Volkswagen. Production of the Audi brand resumed in September, 1965.

In 1969, within the Volkswagen company, The Auto Union Audi merged with the Vokswagen-owned NSU company. In 1985, the Audi NSU Auto Union AG was renamed Audi AG.

In 1998, Audi AG took over Lamborghini and the British engine manufacturer, Cosworth.

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