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Cameron Car, United Motor Corporation

Remarkable cars picture encyclopedia - Cameron Car, United Motor Corporation

1903 Cameron Runabout
1903 Cameron Runabout

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Cameron History

Like many people in the exciting early days of the automobile industry, James E. Brown of the Brown Textile Machine Company in Pawtucket, Rhode Island, decided to go into the automobile manufacturing business in 1901. Everett S. Cameron was hired to designed the new vehicle. Experiments were conducted, improvements were made, and in 1903, Cameron automobile production began.

Approximately fifty Cameron cars were assembled in 1903. In some of their features, they were ahead of their time. The engine was located under the hood at the front of the car instead of under the seat. The Cameron used a steering wheel at a time most autos still used a tiller. The gear shift was mounted on the steering column and though right-hand drive was the accepted practice, the Cameron had the driver's postion on the left.

Production of Cameron automobiles ceased in 1921.

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