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Chandler Motor Company

Remarkable cars picture encyclopedia - Chandler Motor Company

1919 Chandler Touring Car
1919 Chandler Touring Car

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The Chandler Motor Company was formed by a group of executives who broke away from the Lozier Car Company to start their new venture. Built in Cleveland, Ohio from 1913 to 1929, Chandler cars were noted for ruggedness and durability. Endurance tests among manufacturers were commonplace in those days. Early advertisements tell of a Chandler driven from Tiajuana, Mexico to Vancover, British Columbia (2000 miles) without a breakdown! Another Chandler was driven 1000 miles in 689 minutes. Finally, a Chandler car set a Pikes Peak Climb record.

Clearly identified by its bow tie rear window and radiator emblem, Chandler was one of the great independent manufacturers during the early years of the American automobile industry.

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