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Cleveland Automobile Company

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1920 Cleveland Model 40 Roadster
1920 Cleveland Model 40 Roadster

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There were six different makes of automobiles called Cleveland, all of them made in Cleveland, Ohio. The last Cleveland was the Cleveland Motor Company, a subsidiary of the Chandler Company. Chandler was Cleveland's largest automobile manufacturer in the late 1910s and early 1920s. Chandler built highly regarded medium-priced austomobiles under the Chandler brand.

Wishing to enter the growing low-priced car market without compromising the Chandler name, Chandler founded the Cleveland Automobile Company in 1919.

The two companies were theoretically separate and were housed in seperate plants, but the Cleveland car was really a scaled-down, less expensive Chandler. The only discernible differences were the Cleveland's shorter wheelbase and lower price tag. Even though the companies were "seperate", Frederick Chandler was the Chairman of The Board for both. The company purchased a site in Cleveland, Ohio in April 1919, and by July the nearly built factory was already producing cars. Demand was so high that the company had to expand the factory a few months later.

In 1920, The Cleveland Automobile Company produced 16,000 cars.

In 1925 the Cleveland Automobile Company was absorbed by Chandler Company; the resulting company being named the Chandler-Cleveland Motors Corporation. The new company ceased production of Clevelands and produced only Chandlers until 1929, when the company was taken over by the Hupp Motor Car Company.

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