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Essex Cars

Remarkable cars picture encyclopedia - Essex Cars

1929 Essex Champion Biddle & Smart Boattail Speedabout
1929 Essex Champion Biddle & Smart Boattail Speedabout

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Essex Cars

1919 - Hudson introduced the Essex as a seperate brand.

The first generation 1919 Essex was known for its superior performance. The F-head four-cylinder engine turned out 55 horsepower. The carīs angular body lines also contributed to its performance.

Many staged demonstrations proved that the Essex was a hot little car. In 1919 an Essex completed a 50-hour, 3,037.4 miles endurance test in Cincinnati, Ohio, at an average speed of 60.75 miles per hour.

One of the most famous races took place in August 1920 and featured four Essex cars. Two started from the East Coast and two from the West Coast. Each carried a mail pouch and, like the Pony Express riders of old, relief drivers were sworn in as letter carriers. The average time for the quartet was 4 days, 21 hours and 32 minutes. The race generated tons of publicity.

The early Essex cars also captured many hill climb records. In a special Essex race car, Glen Shultz won the 1923 Pikeīs Peak Hill Climb in 18 minutes, 47.4 seconds. This broke the previous record set by Ralph Mulford in a 1916 Hudson.

In 1924 Essex introduced a new 6-cylinder engine.

In 1929, combined sales for Hudson and Essex cars totaled 301,000 vehicles which put Hudson-Essex sales in third place behind Ford and Chevrolet. Sales began to drop in 1930 and in 1932, the Essex name was replaced by Essex Terraplane for 1932 and 1933. In 1934, the Essex name was dropped completely.

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