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Fageol Motor Company Trucks

Remarkable cars picture encyclopedia - Fageol Motor Company Trucks

1930 Fageol Model 135 Stake-Bed Truck
1930 Fageol Model 135 Stake-Bed Truck

Fageol Motor Company History

The Fageol Motor Company of Oakland, California was started by Frank and William Fageol in 1916. They built at least two $12,000 luxury cars powered by a 825 cubic inch Hall-Scott engine and also a line of farm tractors, but soon specialized in trucks. They also introduced the low, wide Fageol Safety Coach Buses in the 1920's. A distinctive feature identifying Fageol vehicles is the louvers on the top of hood.

The Twin Coach Bus Company grew out of the Fageol bus developments. Milk delivery vans were also sold from 1929 to 1936 in a joint venture with Divco. In the 1930s, Sterling Motors acquired the assets of Fageol Motor Company which they then sold to T.A. Peterman. Mr Peterman felt that since it was his money, his name should be on the trucks and the Peterbilt line was introduced in 1939. The first Peterbilts were little changed from the last Fageols.

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