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Graham Cars

Remarkable cars picture encyclopedia - Graham Cars

1941 Graham Hollywood - Auburn-Cord-Duesenberg Museum
1941 Graham Hollywood - Auburn-Cord-Duesenberg Museum

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Graham Cars and Trucks History

Brothers Ray, Joseph, and Robert Graham got their start in the auto industry by converting Ford cars into one-ton express or stake trucks using a rear axle of the own design. They soon graduated to the manufacture of truck bodies for passenger car chassis and were offering their own line of trucks by 1920 and became the world?s largest producer of trucks.

Their success attracted the Dodge Brothers who were looking to enter the truck market. Through a deal signed in 1921, the Grahams built trucks soley with Dodge engines and drive trains, for sale exclusively through the Dodge dealer network.

In 1927 they sold their truck business to Dodge and then purchased the bankrupt Paige-Detroit Motor Car Company.

The Graham-Paige line of automobiles was introduced in 1928 and the firm set a sales record of nearly 75,000 cars for its first year of production.

Following the stock market crash of October 1929, sales of new Graham cars plummeted. In 1932, Graham introduced the Blue Streak Eight in hopes of regaining sales but with meager results as sales continued their downward spiral. The 1940 model, with sales of only 2,800 cars, was the last Graham produced.

1930 - Graham-Paige drop the "Paige" portion of its name.

Prices on the 1930 models ranged from $845 to $4,505.

The new Graham used rubber-cushioned springs.

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