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1952 Bentley

Remarkable cars picture encyclopedia - 1952 Bentley

1952 Bentley
Bentley R Type Continental Coupe
1952 Bentley


The London Motor Show introduced the 1952 Continental R. It was a stunning show-stopper and only for the super rich, costing many times the average annual wage. Only 207 were produced over 3 years. The underpinnings on the Continental were the same as the MkVI Bentley saloon. To insure a leisurely ride, independent wishbones suspension was at the front and leaf springs were out the back. It was quiet even over the 100mph mark. It was equipped with a 280ci (4.6-litre) straight-six with intake valves overhead and exhaust valves to the side. Inside was extreme luxury like a gentleman's club with hide and walnut.

Specifications were as follows: Top Speed=117 mph; 0-60 mph or 0-95 km/h in 13.5 seconds; Engine Type= In-line six; Displacement= 278 ci (4,566cc); Transmission= 4-speed manual; Weight= 3,543 lbs. or 1,610 kg; Economy = 16 mpg or 5.7 km/l.

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