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Bentley Arnage

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Bentley Arnage Automobiles
Bentley Arnage

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2001 Bentley Arnage Red Label Turbo 2001 Bentley Arnage 2001 Bentley
2001 Bentley Arnage
2002 Bentley
2002 Bentley Arnage
2002 Bentley
2002 Bentley Arnage
2003 Bentley
2003 Bentley Arnage Limo
2003 Bentley
2003 Bentley Arnage Red Label
2003 Bentley
2003 Bentley Arnage Red Label
2003 Bentley
2003 Bentley Arnage-T
Bentley Arnage T
Bentley Arnage
Bentley Arnage

Bentley Arnage Automobiles

While some manufacturers content themselves with making only sporting cars and as an increasing number of brands are recreated as purely limousine makers, Bentley continues its 83-year old philosophy of providing cars equally adept at both these seemingly opposed disciplines.

The Arnage Series Two range alone reflects the ethos perfectly. At one end of the series lies the Arnage T, the most powerful road going Bentley ever produced, while at the other sits the Arnage RL, a limousine of classic proportion, opulence and comfort. And between these two poles lives the Arnage R, a fine-riding luxurious express capable of providing both the refinement its owner and occupants expect, complete with a rare turn of speed whenever it is desired.

Bentley sees no conflict in putting the same car to such diverse ends. Indeed it was a practice WO Bentley started in the 1920s when cars using essentially the same engines and chassis could be found either wearing elegant limousine coachwork and transporting the cream of society from one function to the next, or crossing the finishing line at Le Mans, the entire field trailing in their wake. If the fundamental design and engineering of the car is right, it will perform whatever job is required.

2002 Bentley Arnage T

Bentley Arnage T Wins Top Italian Design Award

Crewe 29th November 2002...An international jury of artists, writers and designers has chosen the Bentley Arnage T as the world's most beautiful luxury car.

The judges described the Arnage T as, "a limousine with an extraordinary image, a car that maintains the formal philosophy of the brand and underlines the quality of the body and equipment with the best and typical British refinement."

The World's Most Beautiful Automobile is an annual competition, organized in Italy. There were seven categories this year, ranging from small cars to luxury cars. The judging took place at Milan's stunning Sforza Castle, where the candidates were lined up in the castle forecourt.

Judges included American abstract expressionist painter Kenneth Noland, British pop artist and Royal Academy member Joe Tilson, Italian designer Vico Magistretti and former Mercedes-Benz designer director Bruno Sacco. The chairman of the judges was Italian editor and journalist Bruno Alfieri. There were also judges from France, Germany and Peru.

Commenting on the award, the design director of Bentley Motors, Dirk van Braeckel, said: "Great design is one of the hallmarks of a Bentley. Our design strength is one of the reasons we are confident of such strong sales growth in the future. It is a great honour to win such a prestigious award, judged by such a distinguished panel."

It is the second time that Bentley has been honoured in the competition. In 1995, the Bentley Azure was judged the most beautiful car in the cabriolet category.

2002 Bentley Arnage R

World debut of the new Bentley Arnage R at the Geneva Motor Show
Geneva 5th March 2002

Making its world debut at the Geneva Motor Show, The Bentley Arnage R is the latest addition to Bentley’s Series Two Arnage family. The Arnage T debuted in January as an ultra-high performance flagship, breaking new ground for both company and class. The Arnage R now takes up its position in the family as the direct replacement for the Arnage Red Label, reinforcing Bentley’s reputation for highly refined grand touring cars.

Though visually even more understated than the Arnage T, the “R” has benefited from the same end to end structural and mechanical transformation and can equally be considered to be a new car inside a familiar body.

The Arnage R remains emphatically a high performance saloon (indeed the Arnage T is the only four door car on sale with more torque), with a clear focus on providing Bentley’s customers with a sublimely refined and comfortable carriage.


The engine fitted to the Arnage R is essentially that used by the Arnage T, but entirely recalibrated to provide yet more refined responses at the expense of some power and torque. The Arnage R engine produces 400bhp (298kW) at 4000rpm and 616lb ft (835Nm) of torque at 3250rpm. Top speed for the Arnage R is 155mph, while 0-60mph can still be achieved in just 5.9 seconds.

The engine itself is a radical reinterpretation of the famed 6.75-litre V8 engine that has served in every Bentley since 1970. So far reaching are the changes that only its basic architecture and internal dimensions remain as before.

Most notable is the adoption of twin Garrett T3 turbochargers to replace the single T4 used since the launch of the Bentley Mulsanne Turbo in 1982.

Two small turbochargers not only have less inertia and therefore faster response times, but also allow the use of close-coupled catalytic converters, located near the exhaust manifold. This allows the catalytic converters to heat up extremely quickly, swiftly reaching operating temperature and thereby reducing emissions.

A key modification is the inclusion of a Bosch Motronic ME7.1 engine management system. This state of the art system is central to the engine’s ability to minimise emissions. It does this by bringing an unprecedented level of control to a wide range of engine parameters, from boost levels and detonation control to exhaust temperatures. In addition to this, it has also facilitated the fitment of ESP ’ Electronic Stability Programme ’ that advances the Arnage’s active safety far beyond the level reached by the conventional traction control system fitted to the previous generation Arnage.

Like the Arnage T, the Arnage R also features new fabricated, twin-skin exhaust manifolds which heat quickly and further reduce emissions while their tuned exhaust lengths improve both efficiency and sound quality.

The aims of such enhancements, and the legion of revisions to the engine block and cylinder heads, were to produce quicker and smoother responses right across the rev-range while, at the same time, dramatically reducing emissions with the result that the new engine meets all emissions legislation until 2005.

The gearbox is carried over from the previous generation Arnage. Its exceptional smoothness and extraordinary torque handling characteristics ensures it remains the best transmission for the Series Two Arnage.


The body strengthening measures already seen on the Arnage T are carried over in their entirety to the Arnage R. There is a new brace inside the wheel arches, strengthened sills, an extra roof bow and a reinforced front bulkhead.

Additional detailed changes such as the use of adhesive bonding materials and tougher mounts for the steering rack have resulted in an improvement in body in white dynamic stiffness. This brings many real world benefits including better handling, improved ride quality and enhanced crash protection.

The opportunity was also taken to install ISOfix child seat mounting points in the rear of the car. The majority of conventional child seats are incorrectly fitted and by providing points where an ISOfix seat can be plugged straight into the structure of the car, this risk is removed.


Nowhere are the contrasting objectives of the Arnage R and T more apparent than in their chassis configuration. For while pure handling prowess is at the top of the Arnage T’s agenda, the Arnage R has been set up to provide a balanced blend of handling and ride comfort. The result is a car slightly more sporting in feel than the out-going Arnage Red Label yet even more comfortable.

Chief among many chassis modifications is the fitment of a rear anti-roll bar. This allows a greater degree of control over the body movement during cornering while creating greater scope for Bentley?s engineers to fine-tune the Arnage R’s chassis using spring and damper rates.

After careful evaluation in both the virtual and real world, slightly softer springs were selected, with the variable rate dampers tuned to suit.

However the fitment of a rear anti-roll bar and a thicker front roll bar has resulted in an increase in overall roll stiffness.

For the Arnage R, the result is the most comfortable, cosseting ride of any Bentley. Improvements have been achieved in both primary and secondary ride comfort while, at the same time, making the car substantially more responsive to the helm, amply satisfying the enthusiast that lies within all Bentley drivers.

Other chassis improvements common to both new Arnages include new hydraulic mounts for the engine and gearbox reduce vibration and enhance refinement, more linear steering and a stiffer mounting for the steering rack.

The wheels for the Bentley Arnage R are an 18in six spoke alloy design, with a chrome finish as an option. They are fitted with asymmetric 255/50 YR 18 Pirelli P-Zero tyres.


Conventional traction control systems are effective at limiting excessive applications of throttle but offer limited resistance to other conditions that can result in a loss of control. ESP, however, is able to detect any undue tyre slip the moment it occurs, regardless of cause. It then has the ability to set in train a number of computer-controlled counter-measures designed to restore control to the driver. In particular, as well as moderating engine power as expected from a sophisticated traction control system, it can also squeeze individual brake callipers to help restore stability to the driver.

It does this by using sensors all over the car to measure the speed of each wheel relative to the others, steering angle, throttle opening, yaw and pitch angles.

A central computer builds this information into a complete dynamic picture of the car’s behaviour and, so long as it remains within carefully preset limits, the car drives as normal. Once these limits have been broached, however, the computer instantly starts issuing instructions to the engine management and braking system to regain control.


Though the exterior appearance of the Arnage R is similar to the Red Label it replaces, a full aerodynamic evaluation of the car has led to many changes.

Most obviously is the inclusion of an integrated rear boot spoiler, first seen on the Arnage T. Though this lends a more purposeful look to the car, its true purpose is to provide better stability at the phenomenally high speeds that Series Two Arnages are capable of achieving.

Work has also been carried out under the car, to smooth the airflow and thereby reduce further both drag and lift. Meanwhile, hidden within the car, ducting ensures maximum exploitation of the airflow to, in particular, the radiators, intercoolers and brakes.

These modifications not only result in better stability and less drag, they also make the Arnage R more refined. In addition to these measures, many other components were modified to keep noise and vibration levels in the cabin to a minimum. These included many items of interior trim and aperture seals while panel gaps were further reduced to minimise wind noise.


In common with the Arnage T, the Arnage R comes with a complete suite of passive safety measures to complement the already impressive active safety inherent within its massive brakes, near 50:50 weight distribution, benign chassis characteristics and ESP stability programme. In addition to the driver and front passenger airbags used on the Arnage Red Label, the Arnage R has side airbags for all four occupants and full-length air curtains running along the length of the cabin on each side.

The side airbags are packaged in the seats rather than the doors to ensure that, however tall or short the occupant, he or she remains in the same place relative to the airbag, regardless of seat position. The time elapsed between an impact of sufficient strength to warrant deploying airbags and full inflation is 0.03sec.


In keeping with Bentley’s philosophy of understated elegance, styling changes have been kept to a minimum. The red badge is carried over from the previous model and the only key exterior indication of the changes that lie beneath the skin is the gently upturned lip of the boot spoiler. The chromium brightwork deleted from the front, back and side of the Arnage T is retained on the Arnage R.

The cabin has an instantly traditional feel to it, replacing the dark stained wood and optional engine turned aluminium found on the Arnage T with burr walnut. But perhaps most notable in a wide range of enhancements are the seats. Bentley is one of just a few manufacturers left in the world to design and manufacture their seats entirely in-house, and has spent two years building CAD-profiles of the best seats on the market against which to benchmark its own products. The result is seats that offer both more comfort and support, while providing a much more sporting look.


As you would expect from any car in the upper luxury sector, the Arnage R boasts a formidable array of standard equipment including Connolly leather, Wilton carpets, automatic climate control, DVD-based satellite navigation, electrically adjusted and heated seats, cruise control and parking sensors front and rear.

Thanks to the extraordinary talents within its Personal Commissioning team, Bentley is able to offer effectively unlimited opportunities for customers to tailor cars to their own, unique specifications. Using skills handed down through the generations at Crewe, Bentley’s craftsmen can create bespoke interiors from a vast choice of woods and hides to fully functioning offices for executives needing to work in the car.

2003 Bentley Arnage RL

This is the ultimate luxury statement within the Arnage Series Two range. Using the Arnage R as its base, the Arnage RL benefits from a 250mm (9.84 inches) extension to its wheelbase to provide unparalleled levels of luxury and comfort for those travelling in the rear.

Though the Arnage RL is, like all Bentleys, more than capable of enthusing its driver, this is one Bentley in which most owners will typically occupy the back seat with a chauffeur behind the wheel.

And naturally while he or she can simply relax and enjoy the sumptuous surroundings, displaying the unequalled skills of Bentley's wood and leather craftsmanship, the RL is just as likely to be put to more practical purposes: with that amount of room at your disposal, it creates the ideal surroundings for a mobile office with more than space enough to house the equipment needed to run a very substantial business while on the move.

Indeed with the help of Bentley Mulliner - Bentley's personal commissioning department - customers can configure their Arnage RL (or any other Arnage for that matter) in any way they see fit, their own imagination being the only practical limit to what can be achieved. You can create a cabin of classical English elegance, a high-tech recreation area with televisions and DVD players or can specify a thoroughly modern interior where traditional materials are turned to the most forward-thinking shapes and finishes.

And this, in fact, is just the start. For while the Arnage RL is indeed the ultimate expression of opulence within the standard Arnage range, the scope of Bentley Mulliner goes much, much further.

Perhaps the most striking proof of this was revealed at the Paris Motor Show in September when, alongside the new Arnage GT, Bentley unveiled the Arnage Limousine by Bentley Mulliner.

Using a 728mm (28.66 inches) extension to the wheelbase, the Limousine is neither a standard production car nor an impractical concept - it is simply an example of what can be achieved using a little imagination and the tremendous resources of Bentley Mulliner.

The extra space between the rear creates a wonderfully spacious rear cabin with room aplenty for occupants of almost all sizes to stretch out fully with their feet on footrests that also double as rear-facing occasional seats.

The Limousine's ultra-modern interior proved that with the right skills and knowledge, wood and leather can be employed to create a strikingly contemporary theme without in the least jeopardising their inherent, timeless qualities. To go with this, Bentley Mulliner also created a partition between the front and rear compartment from within which a 22-inch (55cms) entertainment screen could be produced at the touch of a button, which in conjunction with the state of the art DVD system instantly turns the rear of the car into a private, mobile cinema.

So it can be seen that there is almost no on-road discipline that the Bentley Arnage cannot turn its hand to. Whether you are in town or country, at speed or in traffic, on road or on track, in the front or in the back, the Arnage is at home. In the 1920s WO Bentley saw no problem in creating a car that was the master of all trades and is a view still strongly held at Bentley today. It is what gave the marque unprecedented scope among luxury carmakers then, just as it does so now. As other marques find themselves pushed ever more into small, specialised corners of the market in order to claim some unique turf, Bentley is happy to continue as it always has, tearing up the entire field.

2003 Arnage Limousine by Bentley Mulliner

The Bentley Mulliner Arnage Limousine is a showcase for the unrivalled craftsmanship skills of Bentley Mulliner, the company's bespoke team of coachbuilders, craftsmen and designers; a unique team dedicated to tailoring any Bentley to its owner's exclusive requirements.

First shown at the Paris Motorshow in September, 2002, this Arnage Limousine - neither an impractical 'concept' car, nor a series production car - is a fine example of Mulliner's stretch limousine expertise. It is simply an example of what Bentley Mulliner can achieve for any customer with an open mind and a wish to own a Bentley that is not just exclusive, but unique. And judging by the numbers of Bentley customers old and new who expressed an interest in the car, it would seem to have struck a chord, even in a market with increasing and welcome competition from other marques.

The focal point of the car is a 728mm (28 inches) extension to the wheelbase, giving Bentley Mulliner's design team the opportunity to design an interior of a quality, magnificence and individuality that no production car could hope to emulate. The theme chosen for this Arnage Limousine was to demonstrate how traditional the very latest entertainment technology can be successfully and stylishly integrated with traditional materials such as leather and particularly wood can be used in challenging ways to create an entirely contemporary feel. It demonstrates clearly that the skills handed down from generation to generation at Crewe are as relevant today as ever, and that this combination of expertise, experience and understanding is unavailable anywhere else in the world.

Enter the car and the first sensation is one of space. Sit in one of the rear seats and you can stretch your legs until they meet footrests that also double as rear-facing occasional seats. A rear compartment sunroof has been fitted to provide additional natural lighting if preferred.

Stylistically the main focus falls on the use of both straight grain and burr English oak. Using dramatic curves, the cabin conceals a host of features many owners would consider essential. There is an independent air-conditioning system for the rear cabin, a concealed drinks bar, cigar drawer and bottle cooler. Lighting is provided not by conventional bulbs, but instead by fibre-optics, bathing the interior in warm light.

Most startling of all however is the hidden 22-inch (55 cms) entertainment screen that is skilfully designed to raise itself into view from in front of the electrically operated glass dividing screen between the front and rear cabins. Boasting Dolby 5.1 surround sound, which works in conjunction with the DVD and television systems and blinds on all windows to the side and rear, the Arnage Limousine turns itself into a private cinema in an instant.

On the outside its chrome-finished radiator, door mirror caps, sill covers, a jewel-type fuel filler cap and Mulliner badging distinguishes the car as something rather special. Under the bonnet lies Bentley's renowned and recently entirely re-engineered 400bhp, 6.75-litre V8 motor. Mulliner engineers to complement the increased stiffening of the body shell have finely tuned the cars braking and suspension systems.

Bentley and Mulliner have been associated since the earliest days of the marque and their strengths have always complemented each other perfectly. Some of the most beautiful and distinctive Bentleys of the vintage and pre-war eras owe their bodywork to the fabled Mulliner coachbuilding house.

It is therefore absolutely right that the name of Mulliner should now be used to denote those Bentleys whose owners have chosen in some way to differentiate their car from any other on the road.

Unlike conventional luxury cars where equipment is limited to a list of items selected by their manufacturers, Mulliner's craftsmen and women are there to realise the dreams of their customers.

Almost anything is possible, from stitching the family crest or names of your children in the rear head-rests to designing and producing arguably the most exclusive car in the world, The Queen's new Bentley State Limousine. In between lies a limitless array of possibilities from the most sumptuous luxury to a mobile office capable of keeping a busy executive fully in touch and in tune with his or her business.

Customers can choose to become involved from the earliest stage, even before anything has been created and the design is still in the virtual world. No other car manufacturer currently offers anything approaching this level of customer interaction and design capability, or the extensive range of bespoke features ranging from armouring of cars, installation of the latest information, entertainment and communications systems to complete or partial restoration of previous Bentley models.

For all the sportiness shown by Bentley in cars such as in the new Bentley Arnage GT, creating bespoke cars offering supreme luxury to a discerning few is a territory Bentley has no intention of surrendering. Indeed it is precisely the reason Bentley Mulliner was created. And the Bentley Arnage Limousine, for all its understated magnificence and individuality, offers just a mere glimpse of its capabilities.

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