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1911 Ford Cars and Trucks

Remarkable cars picture encyclopedia - 1911 Ford Cars and Trucks

1911 Ford Model T Touring

1911 Ford Model T Touring

List of Cars

1911 Ford Model T

Introduced in October of 1908 as a completely new offering from Ford, the Model T remained in production in much the same form for 19 years, during which time 15 million examples were built. January 1911 saw the introduction of a completely restyled Model T featuring new fenders, wheels, body and a slightly revised brass radiator. Later in the year a new engine and front and rear axle were added. The lighting consisted of all brass lamps: gas headlamps with oil (kerosene) side and tail lamps. The rear axle was now cast-iron, with the front axle design incorporating spindles with separate steering arms. Ford bodies were now made with steel panels over a wooden framework and two new styles were offered, a Torpedo Runabout and Open Runabout, both of which differed from the other models by virtue of their curved fenders, longer hood and lower seating positions and steering column. The gas tank was located on the rear deck and the Torpedo, unlike the Open Runabout, had two doors.

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