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1926 Ford

Remarkable cars picture encyclopedia - 1926 Ford

1926 Ford Model T Touring

1926 Ford Model T Touring

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1926 Ford

Late in 1925, the new "improved Ford" marked the first major restyling of the Model T since 1917. New fenders, running boards, bodies (except for Fordors), hoods ,and even a modified chassis were created for the 1926 Model T.

The Touring was given a door on the drivers side for the first time since 1911. The Tudor Sedan and the Coupe were all new, though similiar in style to the 1925's. The Fordor Sedan continued the same basic body introduced in late 1922 except for a new cowl and hood fenders.

While basically the same running gear as earlier models, the 1926-1927 cars had 11-inch rear wheel brake drums, although they were only operated by the emergency barke lever. The foot pedals for the low speed and the brake were larger, and the internal transmission brake was made wider for better life and operation.

Initially offered in black, the later Coupes and Tudors were painted a dark green, while the Fordor Sedan came in dark maoon as standard colors. The open cars continued in black until mid-1926.

Wire wheels were offered as an option beginning January 1926. By early 1927, many Ford branches were supplying wire wheels as standard equipment on most closed cars.

The gasoline tank was now located in the cowl on all models except the Fordor Sedan which continued to have it under the driver's seat.

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