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1930 Ford Model A Truck

Remarkable cars picture encyclopedia - 1930 Ford Model A Truck

1930 Ford Model A Truck

1930 Ford Model A Mail Truck

Signage from the Northeast Classic Car Museum: 1930 Ford Model A Mail Truck: Engine: 200 cu.in., 4-cyl., 40 hp; 3-Speed Transmission; Production: 1,000.

The United States Post Office Department purchased 4,300 cabs and chassis from Ford Motor Company from 1929 through 1931 to have mail delivery trucks manufactured. The bodies were made by five different companies throughout the country including the Augustus Schubert Wagon Works of Syracuse, NY. Two different sizes were made: the 1 1/2 ton AA truck version and the car-size A chassis as shown here. In 1930, only 1,000 were made on the Model A car chassis shown here. The bodies were made of either oak or ash wood.

All trucks had a single driver's seat, sliding right side window, hinged driver's window, and screened rear door openings with canvas coverings. All trucks also had black painted hoods, fenders, radiators, and running boards, with the bodies painted the Post Office olive drab color. The larger AA truck model had a 215 cubic foot interior capacity and the Model A car model had a 100 cubic foot capacity.

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