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1931 Ford Model AA Truck

Remarkable cars picture encyclopedia - 1931 Ford Model AA Dump Truck

1931 Ford Model AA Dump Truck

1931 Ford Model AA Dump Truck


The commercial truck version of the Ford Model A was the Model AA. From the cab forward the AA was similar to the passenger version of the Model A. In 1931 the AA adopted the cowl, fender, hood and radiator of the 1930 A. Obviously the business-end of the Model AA set it apart from all the other A's. In 1931 Ford was producing 20 versions of the Model AA - all were assembled in Ford plants and none included custom bodies by contract coach builders. Even the hydraulically operated dump models were 100% Ford. The complexity of engineering, building and marketing such a variety of bodies did not translate into good business and 1931 was the last year Ford would be involved in this type of all-inclusive manufacturing. In 1931 Ford led in truck manufacturing. In California new plants were built in Long beach and Richmond.

Specifications: Engine: Inline. L-Head. 4 cylinder. 200.5 CID. BHP 40@2200 rpm. Carburetor: Zenith or Holley double venturi. Sliding gear transmission. Speeds: 3F/1R-floor. Mechanical internal expanding brakes on all wheels. Optional: Stainless steel headlamps and radiator shell.

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