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Ford Model T

Remarkable cars picture encyclopedia - Ford Model T

1909 Ford Model T Touring - AACA Museum
1909 Ford Model T Touring - AACA Museum

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Ford Model T History

The "Tin Lizzie," Henry Ford's Universal Car, made its glorious debut in mid-1908 and the country was never to be the same again. Only after 19 years and 15 million cars along with tons of stories, jokes, and songs, did the proud Model T step aside for the next generation, never to be outdone. The society of Automotive Historians named the Model T as having the most effect on world history.

The first 800 Model T's were built with two pedal and two lever controls. This proved to be too unwieldy and Ford quickly abandoned the system in favor of the three-pdeal, one-lever system. These early cars are highly valued by collectors.

With the introduction of the Model T, Ford began using high-strength vanadium steel for strategic parts enabling the car to be lighter and springier - a first in the automobile industry. The biggest virtue of the new Model T was the engine oiling system. The entire motor and transmission were continuously lubricated by the crankcase. This replaced the cumbersome exterior oiling systems used on nearly all cars prior to that time. The 1908 Model T Touring was the first car in the USA with the steering wheel on the left side. Within three years, most other makes followed.

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