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1939 Jaguar

Remarkable cars picture encyclopedia - 1939 Jaguar

1939 Jaguar
Jaguar SS 3.5 Litre
1939 Jaguar


Signage: Mfg by Swallow Sidecar & Coachbuilding Co.; Place: Coventry, England; Production: 1935-49, 5424; Body: steel-Swallow Coachbuilding; Chassis: wh. base: 120 In; lgth: 186 in. wt: 3670 lbs.; Engine: water-cooled 1-6, pushrod OHV; Disp./Power: 213 cu. in./125 hp; Suspension: Front-beam axle, semi-elliptic springs; Rear-live axle, semi-elliptic springs; Transmission: 4-speed manual to rear axle; cost new: $2,200

Swallow Sidecar & Coachbuilding began as a builder of motorcycle sidecars in 1922, adding custom auto bodies for the Austin "7" in 1926. Auto manufacturing began in 1931, the cars named "SS". After the war the company name was changed to Jaguar.

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