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1958 Jaguar

Remarkable cars picture encyclopedia - 1958 Jaguar

1958 Jaguar
Jaguar XK150S
1958 Jaguar XK150

Information on 1958 XK 150S

Signage: The current owner was fortunate enough to be present when his father bought this car from Auto Engineering in Lexington, Massachusetts in July of 1958. The car is entirely original except for a repaint in the original color and paint type. It has traveled 33,563 miles from new and aside from routine tuning, no repairs have ever been performed to the drive train. The XK150 was one of the world's first production cars to feature four-wheel disk brakes. The "S" model sported three carburetors, a straight ported head, twin fuel pumps and other performance enhancements. The 3.4 liter XK150S could exceed 130 MPH. As an early "S: model, there are no "S: emblems on the doors. The engine head, which has never been removed from the engine, still has the original, and proper, pumpkin colored, "Old Gold" paint used on the "S" model engines.

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