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1967 Jaguar

Remarkable cars picture encyclopedia - 1967 Jaguar

1967 Jaguar

1967 Jaguar XKE Series I

Signage: Jaguar XK-E Series I

Manufactured by: Jaguar Cars Ltd.
Place: Coventry, England
Production: 1964-67/9550 roadsters
Body: steel-Jaguar
Chassis: wh.base: 96 in: lgth 175.3. in./265 h.p.
Engine: water-cooled I-6, DOHC
Disp./Power: 258.4 cu. in./265 h.p.
Suspension: Front - ind., wishbones, torsion bars
Rear - ind., wishbones, radius arms, coil springs
Transmission: 4-speed manual to rear axle
Cost new: $5,384

The first series of the E-Type was introduced in late 1961. It was immediately popular. Initially the well-proven DOHC engine was a 3.8 liter unit. It was enlarged to 4.2 liters in late 1964. The car went through Series III before ending production in 1974. During its lifespan it was available as a convertible, coupe and 2+2 coupe. The six cylinder engine was replaced by a V-12, introduced in 1971. U.S. emissions and safety regulations forced appearance and mechanical changes.

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