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Jaguar Classic Car Models

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1966 Jaguar
1966 Jaguar Mark X/420G

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Jaguar MkX 4.2 and 420G 1964-70
In-line six-cylinder,cast iron block, alloy head, hemispherical combustion chambers
Bore x stroke = 92.07x106mm
Capacity = 4,235cc
Valves = Twin ohc
Compression ratio = 8:1 (7:1 optional)
Carburettors = Three 2in HD8 SUs
Power = 265bhp at 5,400rpm (gross)
Torque = 283lb ft at 4,000rpm (gross)

Four-speed manual with overdrive and automatic optional
Final drive = 3:54:1 (manual/auto) or 3.77:1 (overdrive)

Front: independent semi-trailing double wishbones, coil springs, telescopic dampers and anti-roll bar
Rear; independent lower wishbone/upper drive shaft link with radius arms and twin coil springs
Steering = recirculating ball, PAS standard

Dunlop discs front and rear

Dunlop RS5 7.50 x 14-inch (356mm) or SP 41 185 x 15-inch (381mm) tires on bolt-on pressed steel wheels

Unitary all-steel construction

LENGTH: = 16ft 10in (5.13m)
WIDTH: = 6ft 4 in (1.93m)
HEIGHT: = 4ft 6 1/4in (1.39m)
WEIGHT: = 37cwt (1,881kg)
MAX SPEED: = 122mph (196kph) = 0-60mph (97kph) in 10.4 seconds

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1965 Jaguar
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Jaguar Mark X/420G : Production for Mark X: 5680; 420G: 5554. 4.2 liter; most had Borg-Warner 3-speed automatic; revised power steering; renamed 420G in 1966; thin chrome side moldings; more formal upright grille; greater low-end torque for easier city driving; specifications - length:202 in.; wheelbase - 120 in; wt - 4300 lbs.

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