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Jaguar XK-150 Pictures

Jaguar XK-150 Pictures
Jaguar XK-150 Pictures
Pictures of Jaguar XK-150 Pictures from car shows, car museums and classic car auctions across the U.S.

Jaguar XK-150 Pictures Pictures

1959 Jaguar XK 150S 3.4 Roadster
1959 Jaguar XK 150S 3.4 Roadster

Auction Results: $136,400
Red 1957 Jaguar XK 150 Fixed Head Coupe
Red 1957 Jaguar XK 150 Fixed Head Coupe

Auction Results: $42,000
1959 Jaguar XK150S Roadster
1959 Jaguar XK150S Roadster

Auction Results: $113,300

Jaguar XK150 1957-1960

First introduced in the fall of 1957, the XK 150 was intended to compete against the BMW 507 and Mercedes 300SL. As the third and final evolution of its series, it represented the best and most highly developed XK ever built. Although similar in its overall design to its predecessors, styling revisions included the replacement of the traditional cut-down doors with a higher, more subtle beltline. The front aspect was changed by widening the grille, the two-piece windshield was modified to a more contemporary curved, one-piece version, and the Open Two Seaters now benefitted from roll-up windows.

The performance of the XK range was continually increasing, from the basic 120 and the Special Equipment version, then to the XK 140MC with the “C-Type” cylinder head and on to the 150 with its straight port ‘S’ head. Such performance increases highlighted the need for a technical breakthrough in braking systems. Jaguar’s successes at Le Mans were attributed to the introduction of disc brakes on their racing D-Types, and the old adage “racing improves the breed” was never more appropriate than with the XK 150, the very first production car to feature power-assisted disc brakes at all four corners.

In the spring of 1958, the high performance ‘S’ model was introduced. The new XK 150S featured a gold-colored, Harry Weslake-modified straight-port cylinder head that helped boost performance of the 3.4-liter engine from 190 to 250 horsepower. The ‘S’ model also enjoyed improved fuel flow by way of three large SU carburetors and had a usefully higher compression head (9.0:1 versus 8.0:1) with more aggressive cam timing. Every ‘S’ model came standard with a four-speed manual transmission with overdrive.

All told, 1,466 examples of the XK 150S were produced until 1961, of which less than 1,000 were Open Two Seaters.

1960 Specifications (Convertible):
Wheelbase: 102 in.
Length: 177 in.
Weight: 3020 lbs
Engine: 6-cylinder, dohc, 210-cid, 210-hp
Transmission: 4-speed plus overdrive manual to rear axle
Price: $4,763

Total Production (1957-1960):
Drophead Coupe (Convertible): 2,489

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