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1939 MG

Remarkable cars picture encyclopedia - 1939 MG

1939 MG
TA Tickford
1939 MG TA

Information on 1939 MG TA Tickford

Signage from the Amelia Island Concours d'Elegance: MG introduced the TA to its Midget lineup in 1936 featuring an improved ride, hydraulic brakes and synchromesh transmission. Just over 3,000 TAs were built. Of these, 252 were fitted with Tickford bodies by Salmons & Sons Coachworks. The Tickford featured an innovative patented three-position padded top. Roll-up windows, carpeting, leather interior and trafficators upgraded the sporty TA to a luxury vehicle. The TA Tickford was priced 20% above the standard TA, which made them a rarity. Perhaps 140 of these special cars exist today, with some 50 in the U.S. Noted collector and restorer Barry Brickman performed a nut-and-bolt restoration on this car and it eventually was preserved and cared for in the Patrick Hart Collection for 20 odd years. It remains today as when it was first restored, a fine example of this little British jewel.

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