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1950 MG

Remarkable cars picture encyclopedia - 1950 MG

1950 MG
Y Sedan
1950 MG Y Sedan


Signage: MG "Y" Sedan; Manufactured by: The MG Car Co. Ltd.; Place: Oxford, England: Production: 1947-1953/13,617; Body: steel-MG; Chassis: wheel base: 99.0 in.; length 161.2 in.; weight: 2280 lbs.; Engine: wter-cooled I-4 pushrod OHV; Disp./Power: 76.3 cu.in./45 h.p.; Suspension: Front-independent, coil springs; Rear-live axle, semi-elliptic springs; Transmission: 4-speed manual to rear axle; Cost new $2250 (1950)

The MG sedan was all but forgotten in the excitement over the sports cars. It carried the same engine as the sport models, albeit with a single carburetor and 9 less horsepower. Designed just before WWII, it had rack and pinion steering, a hydraulic jacking system, sliding steel sunrooof, fog lights a rear window shade, leather upholstery and a polished veneer instrument panel. Body is steel with a wood framework.

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