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1951 MG

Remarkable cars picture encyclopedia - 1951 MG

1951 MG
1951 MG YA

Information: 1951 MG YA

Signage: 4-Door Saloon; 6,158 produced; manufactured in Abingdon, England; The one-and-a-quarter litre, or Y-type, was first made in 1947 to a design developed before the war. It used the same "XPAG" engine developed for the M.G.TC. Most of those made were sold domestically, and had a right-hand drive. This car was bought new in Delphi, Indiana, and is a rare left-hand-drive model. The Y-type saloon was well-appointed, featuring a polished wood dash, slide-back sunroof, crank-out windshield, trafficator turn signals, a rear window shade, and a built-in Jackall jacking system. Mechanically, it had independent front suspension and the first M.G. application of rack-and-pinion steering.

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