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1954 MG

Remarkable cars picture encyclopedia - 1954 MG

1954 MG
1954 MG TF


Signage: Morris Garages Limited in Oxford, England, began business in 1924. The MG automobiles were traditionally racing and sports cars. The "T" Series began with MG TA in 1936. The first modification in design of the T Series Midget came in 1939 with the introduction of the TB. After WWII, the next version was the TC Midget, which was essentially the same as the TB but with a synchro-meshed gear box. The TC Midget was more influential than any other automobile of the period in fostering the European sports car acceptance in America. In 1949 the TC was replaced by the TD, which incorporated the first radical modernization since the T Series introduction in 1936. Improvements included the wishbone and coil spring independent front suspension, rack and pinion steering and a box section frame. The TF of 1953 incorporated the firm's first concessions to aerodynamic principles in a production car. Otherwise, it still maintained the T Series tradition. This is an exceptionally well-restored vehicle with less than one hundred miles since the complete frame-off restoration.

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