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1959 MGA

Remarkable cars picture encyclopedia - 1959 MGA

1959 MGA
Twin Cam
1959 MGA


1959 MGA Twin Cam: Signage: Manufactured by The MG Car Co. Ltd.; Place: Cowley, Oxford, England; Production: 1958-60/2111; Body: steel-MG; Chassis: wh. base: 94.0 in.; lgth: 156.0 in.; wgt: 2185 lbs.; Engine: water-cooled I-4 DOHC; Disp/Power: 96.9 cu. in./ 108 hp; Suspension: front-independent, coil springs; Rear-live axle, semi-elliptic springs; Transmission: 4-speed manual to rear axle; Cost new $3320.

A special model of the MGA, with double overhead camshafts replacing the standard pushrods. With 50% more power, it was the fastest MGA at 115 mph. It also featured disc brakes all around and center lock vented disc wheels. Unfortunately the sophisticated engine was troublesome, burning oil and suffering detonation and burned pistons. Complaints from owners, coupled with a 35% price premium killed it by 1960.

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