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1949 MG
TD Midget
1935 MG TD

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1949 MG
1949 MG TD Midget
1950 MG TD Roadster 1950 MG TD Roadster
RM Auctions
Location: Amelia Island, Florida
Auction Results March, 2009 $19,800


MG's success in the United States after World War II was due in large part to returning GIs who, love-struck by the notion of nimble European sports cars, brought with them the TC Roadster. As an alternative to the offerings from Detroit, MGs provided enthusiasts with a light, attractive roadster that was great fun to drive. The MG TD for 1950 became even more popular than its predecessor and a sports car icon in its own right. Alongside traditional MG styling, it featured an all-new independent front suspension and rack and pinion steering. In 1953, Britain's Autocar magazine wrote, "The feel of the car on the road inspires confidence and there is the impression that even an indifferent driver could make a good showing behind the wheel; however long the journey, the actual driving of the car is beguiling all the way."

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