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Saturn Cars

Pictures of Saturn cars from car shows, car museums and classic car auctions across the U.S.

Saturn Cars - 2007 Saturn Sky Convertible
Saturn Cars - 2007 Saturn Sky Convertible

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Saturn Corporation
1400 Stephenson Highway
P.O. Box 7025
Troy, Michigan 48007-7025
Website: www.saturn.com

In 2003, Saturn Corporation produced 282,797 vehicles.

Saturn Corporation is a division of General Motors (GM).

The company was founded as a wholly-owned subsidiary of GM on January 7, 1985 and began manufaturing the Saturn automobiles in 1990. The car are marketed only in the United States and Canada except for a period from 1992 to 2003 when saturn cars were exported to Taiwan and Japan.

GM organized the Saturn Corporation more similar to the Japanese model with union workers having more control and involvemnet in the plant than was existing in GM's other divisions. Saturn also built its own independent distribution network, attempting to follow the practices more common in other comsumer products than with the traditional automobile retailer. Saturn cars were sold at "retail facilities" instead of dealerships and used "no-haggle" pricing - you paid the sticker price. Their no-pressure sales environment proved to be quite successful.

In 2003, Saturn was intergrated into the GM infrastructure and the cars were moved to the mid-price segment of the market to bring the brand closer the its GM European franchises, Opel and Vauxhall.

Manufacturing of the Saturn cars began in 1990 at an all-new facility in Spring Hill, Tennessee, just south of Nashville. Production at the facility concluded at the end of March 2007 with Saturn automobiles now being built at other GM plants. The Spring Hill plant will be retooled and used by GM to manufacture some type of Chevrolet badged vehicle.

The original Saturns featured dent-resistant plastic body panels. In 2005 the Saturn Relay became the first Saturn without the polymer side paneling. The Relay was built in the Doraville, Georgia production facility, whick also manufactured the Chevrolet Venture and Chevrolet Uplander minivan. By the 2007 model year, all Saturn models had ceased using the plastic panels.

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