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Stutz Cars

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1927 Stutz Roadster - Tupelo Automobile Museum
1927 Stutz Roadster - Tupelo Automobile Museum

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Stutz Motor Company

Stutz Motor Company
Indianapolis, Indiana

1911 - The Ideal Motor Car Company is founded by Harry C. Stutz (1876-1930) in Indianapolis, Indiana. The build a race car which finishes in 11th place in the 1911 Indianapolis 500 race averaging 68.25 mph.

Shortly after the race the production model of the Stutz, which is almost a duplicate of the racing car, goes on sale.

1912 - The company changes its name to the Stutz Motor Company.

1919 - Charles M. Schwab and two other investors buy the company from Mr. Stutz.

1923 - Frederick Ewan Moskowics joins the Stutz company. Moskowics, who formerly worked for Daimler (Stuttgart, Germany), Marmon, and Franklin, was primarily responsible for developing the concept of Stutz as the "Safety Sports Car".

1927 - A Stutz sets a new world 24-hour speed record by averaging 109.5 kilometers per hour for 24 continuous hours.

1928 - At the 24-hour Le Mans race, Stutz would come in 2nd place with an average speed of 106.53 mph. This would be the best finish for an American built car until 1966 when a Ford would win the event.

1929 - Stutz finished in 5th place at the 24-hour Le Mans race.

1935 - Stutz Motor Company ceases production.

Stutz was well known for the development of serveral safety features including safety glass, the "Noback"- Hill-Holder-system and the chassis with its low center of gravity.

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