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Zagato Cars

Remarkable cars picture encyclopedia - Zagato Cars

Aston Martin Zagato Vanquish Roadster
Aston Martin Zagato Vanquish Roadster

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Zagato History

1919 - Founding of the Carrozzeria Zagato

1923 - Founding of Zagato Ltd.

As the First World War came to an end, there was an increasing demand for passenger automobiles. Ugo Zagato started his company at this time utilizing the techniques developed by the aircraft industry during the war to produce cars that were recognized for their high performance, light weight, and rakish, aerodynamically-efficient, streamlined designs.

In collaboration with Alfa Romeo, Fiat, and Lancia, Zagato created a series of legendary racing cars including the Alfa Romeo 1500, the 1750 Gran Sport, and the 2300 AC.

1946 - New Factory Premises in via Giorgini 16 (Milano)

With the advances in technology during and after World War II, automobile performance accelerated rapidlly. As car racing continued after the war, a new category took off - the GT class. Zagato designed cars for Maserati, Alfa Romeo, Fiat, Lancia, Abarth, Ferrari and Aston Martin. These cars were know for their avant-garde styling, weight to power ratioes, and aerodynamic lines.

1962 - New Factory Premises in via Arese 30 Rho (Milano)

The company's primary business is producing special design cars in small quantities but they also have built one-of-a-kind and prototype cars for Jaguar, MG, Rolls-Royce, Ford, Volvo, Rover, and Bristol.

Considered by many to be one of the most radical of the Italian coachbuilders, Zagato continues to be successful by building strong ties with car manufacturers such as Alfa Romeo and Aston Martin.

1994 - New Styling Center

Today Zagato which is currently headed by Andrea Zagato is a modern design consultancy and engineering services company situated just outside Milan.

Alfa Romeo Zagato

Aston Martin Zagato

Bristol Zagato

Cadillac Zagato

Ferrari Zagato

Fiat Zagato

Ford Zagato

Honda Zagato

Isotta Zagato

Jaguar Zagato

Lamborghini Zagato

Lancia Zagato

Lagonda Zagato

Maserati Zagato

Mercedes Zagato

MG Zagato

Nissan Zagato

Porsche Zagato

Renault Zagato

Rolls Royce Zagato

Rover Zagato

Toyota Zagato

Volvo Zagato

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Contacting Zagato

Zagato Centrostile
Via Arese 30, 20017 Terrazzano di Rho
Milan, Italy
Telephone: +39-02-934-6621
Website: www.zagato.it

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